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About Us

The Donguibogam Academy is an international outreach and education program prepared and cosponsored by the Pusan National University, College of Korean Medicine and the Korean Institute of Oriental Medicine. It is currently funded by the Republic of Korea's Ministry of Health and Welfare.The mission of the Donguibogam Academy is to increase awareness of Korean Medicine and share current advancements of Korean Medicine. The Academy honors Donguibogam, an encyclopedia of medical knowledge and treatment techniques compiled in Korea in 1613. The literal meaning is “Principles and Practice of Eastern Medicine.” It continues to serve as a bible for Traditional Korean Medicine. Donguibogam synthesized competing contemporary theories of medicine that had accumulated in East Asia for two millennia and went on to integrate medical knowledge and clinical experiences together in a single collection of volumes. In terms of health care system, it developed the ideals of preventive medicine and public health care by the state, which was virtually an unprecedented idea up to the 19th century. In 2009, UNESCO added the work to its cultural heritage list.

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