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Specialization in Mental Health Treatment with Korean Medicine

From Interview to Clinical Psychotherapy

Providing Professional & Patient-centered Support

Date: TBD

Location: TBD


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Korean Medicine Mental Health

16 hours NCCAOM PDA credits * PDA credits are only award to paid license practitioners

When: TBD

Where: TBD       

Fee: Licensed Practitioners - $400

         AOM Students - $360

         Previous KM Mental Health Certificate Members -  $200

            NOTE: Student status only applies to students pursuing a Master's Degree in East Asian Medicine and does not have an acupuncture license in any state.

                           Anyone with or without a license who are pursuing a higher education (Doctoral Degree) will not be considered as student status for our

                           Donguibogam Certification Programs. 

Course Description

This course is a two day program, aimed to provide a complete lecture on providing professional and patient-centered support using Korean Medicine in treating mental health

In the 21st century, mental health conditions have become one of the world’s most widespread health concerns. We are too easily exposed to raw emotions related to anxiety, depression, and anger, and the physical symptoms related to these emotions are ever increasing. These mind-body symptoms (heart palpitations, fatigue and lethargy, and sudden heat sensations) accompany the increasing psychiatric disorders, namely, anxiety disorders, mood disorders, and bouts of anger. When patients seek treatment, they acknowledge that they are leading exhausting lives, and seek to gain emotional stability and happiness through professional, sensitive, guiding support. The problem today, is that conventional medicine has only provided support using less than sensitive

One of the most remarkable characteristic of KM treatment is that it emphasizes treatment that reflects on each person as an individual. It also promotes self-healing mechanism that is integral in the management of mental health. These approaches to health conditions have allowed East Asian Medicine to become a very popular complementary treatment method for those seeking mind-related health care.


Acupuncture and herbal medicine that are used with consultation methods based on KM can help provide many solutions to every day mental health conditions. This ‘KM Mental Health Certification Program’ will teach participants how to identify significant issues, conduct interviews, and provide medical consultations and treatment, along with other important treatment techniques. The lecture and workshop will help participants start incorporating these techniques in their clinics right away.

Course Outline

Session 1 – Basic Mental Health Lecture

Lead Instructor Dr. Jongwoo Kim, Ph.D, KMD

Module 1: Case review of mental health conditions that are frequently seen in the clinic

  • In-depth understanding of mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety, and anger issues, using real-life patient cases

  • Analysis of patients suffering from mental health


Module 2: Treatment in the clinic

  • Description of the most commonly used acupuncture, moxibustion, and herbal treatment

  • Medical diagnosis and examination using recently developed clinical practice guidelines 

    • for depression, anxiety disorder, insomnia, hwabyung, dementia

Session 2 – Psychotherapy Workshop

Lead Instructor Dr. Hyungwon Kang, Ph.D, KMD


Module 1: Meditation

  • MBSR Technique

    • Introduction of MBSR the most frequently used meditation-based stress relief program used in American integrative medicine​

    • Workshop: Breathing meditation, sitting meditation, eating meditation, walking meditation

  • 15-Minute Meditation using your Qi

    • Introduction of East-Asian Medicine based Qi exercise + meditation program​

    • Workshop: "Qi-full meditation": Feeling Qi, Storing Qi, and Applying Qi


Module 2: M&L Program

  • Mindfulness

    • Learn to accurately identify what the patient is feeling and going through​

    • Learn how to teach your patients to  confront and identify their physical and emotional conditions and to increase self-awareness of health

    • Workshop: Find your plain, and asses your pain objectively

  • Loving Presence

    • Let patients identify their useful resources and learn to guide patients overcome their mental health conditions using their own tools​

    • Workshop: Identify your resources and use your self-healing mechanisms


Module 3: Mind Acupuncture and Interview

  • Mind Acupuncture

    • Fusion acupuncture technique using psychology and traditional acupuncture theory​

    • Learn and practice mind acupuncture - a method to release inner tensions by tapping the body

    • Workshop: EFT, Acupuncture meditation

  • Basics of KM Consultation
    • Learn how to use KM consultation methods based on the ideas of Buddhism and Confucianism​

    • Workshop: Learn to utilize wise teachings from religions and philosophies as themes for counseling in your clinic

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