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Acupuncture for Instant Pain Relief in Sports & Musculoskeletal Disease

From Arena to Bedside

In Sports, you have no time to spare.

Date: Spring 2020

Location:  TBD


Have questions before registering? Email us at

Sports Korean Medicine Session 1 (Structural Acupuncture) & Session 2 (Alignment Acupuncture)

15 hours NCCAOM PDA credits     NOTE: Session 1 & 2 is a combined course, therefore, you MUST attend both days to receive the PDA credits.

When: Spring 2020

Time: 9:30AM - 6:00PM (Lunch 1:00PM to 2:00PM)

Where: TBD

Fee: Licensed Practitioners - $400

         AOM Students - $360

         Previous SKM Team Doctor Certificate Members - $200

            NOTE: Student status only applies to students pursuing a Master's Degree in East Asian Medicine and does not have an acupuncture license in any state.

                           Anyone with or without a license who are pursuing a higher education (Doctoral Degree) will not be considered as student status for our

                           Donguibogam Certification Programs. 

​​Course Description: This course is a three-session (total four-day) program,

aimed to provide a complete lecture on Sports Korean Medicine

The Team Doctor Program specializes in learning instant pain relief methods of musculoskeletal injuries and joint disorders, especially those resulting from sports. The program consists of three sessions totaling 50 hours of intensive lectures and real time hands-on workshops. Each session integrates important principles and techniques from traditional Korean Medicine and western sports medicine to properly assess and diagnose orthopedic conditions to deliver efficient and effective treatments. When all three sessions are completed, you will receive the Certification in the Sports Korean Medicine (SKM) and be able to specialize in a wide- range of musculoskeletal disorders and sports injuries.


The primary goal of SKM is to restore the structural integrities and balance of the inner/ outer body to reduce pain, restore function and promote optimal performance. SKM is deeply rooted in Traditional Korean Medicine, recognized as evidence based Eastern Medicine. This program incorporates SKM with sports, manual, physical rehabilitation, preventative, emergency and psychological medicine.


During this program, we aim to fully equip all our participants with knowledge and the techniques considered to be non- invasive, human-centric, doping-free care, and instant relief by sharing our knowledge on how to manage all patients and athletes with musculoskeletal injuries. We also aim to provide effective and efficient care to all athletes and to the general public who you encounter daily basis at your clinic as well as at any sporting event.


The lectures focus on anatomy and physiology of the body, along with the structural and functional alignments to fully understand the mechanism of sports and musculoskeletal injuries. The course will also cover anatomy and physiology of the musculoskeletal system in depth.

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