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Advanced KM Needle Technique Workshop

Instructor: Dr. Lee, Hyun Sam, Ph.D, KMD

Korean Medicine (KM) shares its roots with TCM and over the years it has developed into a diverse and
unique style. The course includes thorough description and understanding of the musculoskeletal structure and techniques in acupuncture treatment.  Based on these concepts, more safe, powerful, effective technique applied in clinic  will be provided. This course will demonstrate how the common acupuncture points can be needled effectively and efficiently to manipulate musculature to alleviate pain and restore function right away. Dr. Lee's musculoskeletal needle tech is widely used to treat acute and chronic cases from clinics to arena where he sees professional athletes.

Instructor Dr. HyunSam Lee, Ph.D, KMD

President, OSungDang (

Vice President, Society of Sports Korean Medicine

Team Doctor, Korea Volleyball Association, Korea Professional Football League & Korea National Football League

Doctor of Athlete’s Village, 2015 Gwangju Universiade Games

2 NCCAOM PDA’s awarded.

Where: Pacific College of Oriental Medicine
              110 William Street 19th Floor New York New York 10038

Date: November 10th, 2017, FRIDAY

Time: 16:30~18:30

Fee: $40 for practitioners / Free for OM Students w/ valid School ID.

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