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Oct 1st 2016, 9AM - 1PM

Pacific College of Oriental Medicine NYC

110 William Street, 19th Floor, New York, NY

Did you know Korea has its own unique form of Traditional Medicine?

In Korea, they have a separate licensure for Korean Medicine Doctors. Inspiring Korean Medicine doctors participate in a rigorous 6 year course in order to take their national license examinations.

Korean Medicine (KM) shares its roots with TCM and over the years it has developed into a diverse and unique style. This course will introduce you to the theory, clinical applications and the various styles of Korean Acupuncture such as:

  • Sa-am Acupuncture: A practice based on five element diagnosis. Well-Known for treating internal disease.

  • Taeguk Acupuncture: A unique style based on a patient's Constitution and uses pattern diagnosis in order to formulate point prescriptions.

  • Korean Auricular Acupuncture: A technique widely applied to disorders such as internal disease, mental health concerns and substance abuse.

Instructor: Dr. Nam, Dongwoo (PhD, KMD)

  • Assistant professor in Kyunghee University, College of Korean Medicine, Korea

  • Director of International Affairs – Society of Korean Oriental Medicine

  • Director of International Affairs – Korean Acupuncture & Moxibustion Society

  • Director of General Affairs – Korean Medicine Spine & Joint Society

  • Director of Research and Development – Spinal Manipulation Society

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