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Dr. Robert Seungmin Lee, DC, L.Ac, RT-NPS, LMT


Dr. Robert Seungmin Lee started his medical career studying Pre-Med and Health Science, especially focusing his studies in Respiratory Care. After graduation, he went on to acquire clinical experience in Long Island Jewish Medical Center, working as a Pediatric/Neonatal Specialist in the Intensive Care Unit for eight years. It was during these years while working at the bedside of critically ill patients, that he saw a great potential in integrating conventional medicine with traditional Eastern medicine and decided to commit himself to further studying East Asian Medicine.

He received his Master’s degree at the New York College of Health Professions and was designated as Honors student, which allowed him to stay and train as a resident for two years. After resident training, he remained at school for two more years as an Adjunct Professor and taught basic East Asian Medicine studies before opening his own clinic.

In the clinic, he has learned that the disruption in order and balance of the body can directly affect quality of life and death. He found solutions to modern day health problems by approaching internal imbalance with the wisdom of East Asian Medicine and regulating external imbalance with his knowledge of anatomical structures and bio-mechanisms. Especially in the treatment of pain, he realized that the inner & outer alignment & balance is crucial, and further acquired a doctorate in Chiropractic.

Dr. Lee is also a certified MicrogateUSA specialist who is specialized in human performance and movement analysis by using the optical device called Optojump/ Optogait. He has various experiences in performance analysis with pro- teams such as USA Baseball, NY Rangers (NHL), Tampa Bay Rays (MLB), NE Patriots (NFL), Novak Djokovic (Pro-tennis) and various high school teams. He also volunteered in many different sporting events as a medical staff and has treated athletes on site.

Today, he is the founder of Robert Lee Integrative Chiropractic & Acupuncture, in Syosset, NY. His treatments in Sports Medicine focus on reconstructing the key components of movement: balance, timing and coordination. He especially finds great joy in teaching and training specialists in sports and musculoskeletal diseases.

John Kim L.Ac


John Jun Mo Kim, L.Ac. started his journey into the acupuncture field as early as when he was 12 years old. As an active youth who participated in man sports activities such as amateur wrestling, bodily injuries were commonly encountered. To quickly alleviate and fix such disorders, he was primarily treated through acupuncture and herbal remedies to quicken his recovery time so he could resume his training and competitions. Impressed that such a simplistic but effective treatment such as acupuncture can treat sports disorders without the complicated invasiveness of surgery and the harmful effects of taking pharmaceuticals, Dr. John began to visualize that this was the way of future, modern medicine where people and doctors will rely on the human body to heal holistically and naturally.

He commenced his education into the medical field in the year of 1996 and attended Dongguk Royal University in Los Angeles, CA. After graduating and successfully receiving his California Acupuncture licensure, he began working as the chief acupuncturist at an established orthopedic physical therapy company with over 20 locations throughout the Los Angeles area. At the same time, he also served as a clinical supervisor at Dongguk Royal University, helping future clinical interns learn how to properly and successfully treat commonly seen health conditions.

Having grown up in the east coast, Dr. John returned home and continued his career having received both the New York and New Jersey State Acupuncture licensures. He also began working at multi- disciplinary clinics focusing on orthopedic conditions as well as sports injuries. He has been employed at the renowned Englewood Hospital in NJ as a licensed acupuncturist. Currently, Dr. John currently works at two different locations in the states of NJ specializing in sports acupuncture along with the utilization of electro- acupuncture to further enhance healing and recovery time.

Dr. John is a big fan of sports such as mixed martial arts, kickboxing, boxing, and wrestling. He also actively studies different sports as hobby, especially the specific body mechanics involved in producing optimal performance. He also studies and treats people’s postures through acupuncture and corrective exercises. He received his certification as a postural neurologist from the world renowned American Posture Institute. Another one of Dr. John’s hobby is that he likes to read and study different aspects of both Eastern and Western treatments to further enhance a patient’s outcome / results. Oh and he was also one of the first people in the initial group that completed the Korean Sports Medicine program!

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