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Dr. Hyunsam Lee, Ph.D, KMD

Dr. Hyunsam Lee is the Vice president of the Society of Sports Korean Medicine and is a fourth generation Korean Medicine Doctor. After graduating Kyung Hee University, the nation’s top rated College of Korean Medicine, he went on to study human anatomy and brain science, receiving his Masters in the Department of Anatomy and PhD degree in the Department of Neuroscience.

Ever since he was young, he enjoyed a variety of sports, ranging from Taekwondo, fencing, and golf. During the activities, he suffered from numerous injuries forcing him to rest and go through multiple rehabilitative treatments, which also required a lot of time. This naturally led him to develop a great interest in Sports Medicine. His knowledge in human anatomy and neuroscience served as a helpful base for developing better and improved treatment methods using acupuncture for instant pain relief and to promote faster recovery.

His expertise in this area of ‘Sports Medicine Treatment using Korean Medicine with a Basis in Anatomy and Neuroscience’ led him to lecture regularly for Korean Medicine Doctors. For several years, his classes have been one of the most popular lecture programs in Korea.

Currently, he treats patients in his private clinic, Osungdang, which was first opened by his great grandfather in 1812. He also actively works as a team doctor for national / community sports teams and many national sports athletes. Most recently, he worked as an on-site Korean Medicine physician for the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics. By combining structural anatomical knowledge with modernized Asian medicine treatment techniques, he focuses on maximizing therapeutic effects through traditional acupuncture and up-to-date Sports Medicine treatment methods.

In his own words: “As all bodily stimulations pass through the brain, optimizing and modulating nerve signals through acupuncture can instantly increase pain relief.  Although the acupuncture techniques that my father and grandfather used were not described in anatomical and neurological terminologies, the traditional treatment methods they taught me were straight on more scientific than the most up-to-date Sports medicine treatment methods”.

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