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Dr. Hanseong Kim, Ph.D, KMD


Dr. Hansung Kim also graduated from Kyung Hee University College of Korean Medicine and has been in practice for more than 20 years. Since the start, his clinical interests were in treating musculoskeletal pain fast and effectively and for this, he first studied myology. Using traditional acupuncture methods that he learned, he continuously explored ways to relax muscle tension and release aching muscle points through optimal acupuncture point combinations. By studying Travelle’s Myofascial pain syndrome treatment, he learned that pain originating from simple muscle problems could be treated much faster than conventional treatment methods.


However, most patients coming to the clinic come with a combination of muscles, tendon/ligaments, and joint problems. For those patients, treatment requires a multiple and synergistic approach because chronic pain patients generally come due to joint overuse and abuse. Even if we develop a treatment plan to release the points causing the pain, unless we rectify the imbalance of the joints, or of the structural changes resulting from long-time overuse, pain strikes again. Thus, to prolong acupuncture effects, he developed a taping method to support acupuncture, based on meridianology.

Using the treatment methods that he developed, Dr Kim realized that he could treat most of the patients without problem. The ones that needed to go one step further were those with tendon and ligament problems. Tendons and ligaments are a completely different anatomical entity, which requires double the patience to achieve the same amount of treatment satisfaction as muscle problems. To expedite treatment, he uses moxibustion and other traditional Asian treatment methods specially tailored to patients with chronic pain.

Today, he is also treating patients who come in to prevent development of musculoskeletal pain and to reduce recurrence through alignment of the temporomandibular joint and the feet. He realizes that there is also an emotional factor involved and has found a way to find the best solution to multiple causes, effectively.

His 20 years of intellectual inquisition into musculoskeletal pain and development of treatment methods using modernized Asian medicine to increase speed of recovery has allowed him to enjoy a lot of popularity among patients and national sports athletes.

Seeing more than 100 patients per day, he de-stresses from work by listening to heavy metal, Judas priest being his favorite. The top song on his playlist right now is ‘Worth fighting for’. He wishes to say that musculoskeletal pain is something definitely worth fighting for.

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