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2019 Summer
Study Abroad in Korea

Korean Medicine (KM)

An Innovative Variation of East Asian Medicine

Donguibogam Academy is an international outreach and educational program funded by the Ministry of Health and Welfare, South Korea. This year, we are offering a two-week Korean Medicine (KM) study-abroad summer program that will include:

1) special lectures from professors and KM doctors;

2) hands-on workshops in acupuncture and herbal medicine;

3) field trips to top universities, hospitals, KM institutions, and local clinics, and opportunities to see a variety of patients and KM treatment programs first-hand.

Discover why KM has been so popular and successful in Korea and learn Korean-style diagnosis methods, clinical application of Korean style acupuncture, and specialized treatment programs.


Learn, explore, and make it your own!


Most of the lectures will be provided in English.

If needed, a translator will accompany all lectures to provide simultaneous interpretation.

Current Certifications



        08/12/2019 - 08/23/2019 (12 Days)

Application Deadline:



- Active AOM students

- Allied health professionals with AOM license/degree

Limited seats available

(Accepting only 20 participants for optimal learning experience)

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